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Nordic Quick Systems goes global

Nordic Quick Systems, which has developed a sprocket with rotatable and replaceable wear parts, has entered an exciting phase of expansion. Headquartered in Piteå, the company has extended its range of products, undergone a comprehensive facelift and reinforced its sales force.

The sprocket developed by Nordic Quick Systems was launched in 2015. Since then, it has been supplying sprockets to a range of industrial facilities such as sawmills, thermal plants and paper mills, among others, throughout the Nordic region. The patented system makes for faster, safer and cheaper maintenance operations in heavy industry.

More recently, the company has embarked on the development of new products in order to better meet the needs of its customers. December 2019 marked the launch of a wear indicator, which informs the customer when the wear parts on the sprocket ought to be rotated or replaced. The company has also received SEK 75,000 from LIGHTer, a cross-sectoral arena whose aim is to boost competition and create sustainable growth for Swedish industry, in order to develop a new type of chain.

“In our agile organization, there are considerable opportunities to innovate and quickly adapt our range of products to the challenges our customers face. Our patented system can be applied to any type of chain drive, and we see considerable potential in supplementary products. We’re absolutely delighted that LIGHTer have chosen to finance one of our projects, and are looking forward to launching the new chain during 2020,” said Sammy Pergament, co-owner and Head of Sales and Marketing. 

In the summer of 2019, Nordic Quick Systems raised five million Swedish kronor from nine investors. The company has since created a new communications concept, among other things, in partnership with the branding agency, Oh My.

“We really excited to be giving the company a new, modern image. The relationship with Oh My has also created brand new ways to interact with our customers. For example, we’ve launched a savings calculator on our website that provides an instructive visualization of the potential profit of investing in our sprockets,” he adds.

And to further increase the pace, Nordic Quick Systems has recruited an experienced sales representative, Eva-Lena Bergkvist, who will focus primarily on the Swedish market. The company has also entered into dialogue with resellers and potential licensees beyond Sweden’s borders.

“We’re enjoying really positive momentum at present, and thanks to all of these measures we feel ideally equipped to tackle the global market,” added Pergament.