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At Nordic Quick Systems, we love challenges. Our patented solutions can be applied to all possible wear parts for industrial use.


Traversvägen 4
941 43 Piteå, Sweden

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Henrik Antonsson International sales +46 73 038 04 23
Nicklas Jadinge Tech support +46 70 397 56 18
Eva-Lena Bergkvist Sales in Sweden & Norway +46 70 545 10 43
Daniel Olsson Design Engineer
Niclas Granström Anundi Workshop Manager +46 738 17 04 39
Roland Eriksson Machine Operator
Niklas Nordsten Machine Operator
Johan Eriksson Machine Operator
Per Sandberg Machine Operator
Adrian Håkansson Machine Operator


At Nordic Quick Systems, we are constantly looking for smart agents and resellers around the world. Do you want to be part of our journey by distributing or licensing a new industry standard? Please get in touch! We’ll be happy to tell you more.