Smart sprockets for efficient maintenance.

Increased efficiency.

Nordic Quick Systems’ patented solution will repay your investment from the very first maintenance shutdown. With rotatable and replaceable wear parts, the maintenance shutdown will be up to five times quicker than with traditional sprockets.

Improved safety.

Since every wear part weighs just a few kilos, they are simpler and safer for personnel to handle. To replace or rotate a part, no components need to be cut or welded, eliminating the risk of fire and making the task of maintenance safer.

Customized mechanical components.

With our system we can replace all types of sprockets - irrespective of model, size or material.

Time saving: 10,5 hours.

With our patented sprocket, the task of maintenance is up to five times as fast. All sprockets are supplied with a high degree of precision.

We love challenges.

We have developed customized solutions for many different components with a high degree of wear. Tell us what challenges you face and we’ll take care of the rest.

Wear indicator.

Since December 2019, all our sprockets are supplied with wear indicators. One wear part for each sprocket is provided with markings on its sides. When the wear reaches these markings, the wear parts should be rotated or replaced to avoid the risk of breakdown. The wear indicator is not provided in the USA, Canada or Japan.

Replaceable wear parts.

Increased efficiency, improved safety.