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Patented sprocket

Nordic Quick Systems supplies sprockets to a high degree of precision. All sprockets are produced to order and adapted to customer requirements. With rotatable and replaceable wear parts, we can replace all types of chain drive. In addition, we can of course manufacture standard wheels for the applications where this is considered more appropriate.

Feed rollers

We’ve developed a unique system for feed rollers with replaceable wear parts. The solution generates increased production efficiency, safer handling and improved ergonomics during the maintenance process. We offer all types of different profiles on the wear parts. Furthermore, we also provide traditional solid feed rollers.

Roller screen shafts

Nordic Quick Systems’ roller screen shafts are designed for maximum utilization of materials and to simplify maintenance work. The previous shaft is replaced with a square shaft to obtain a driver effect on the discs. The discs are also spaced at precise distances and the entire package is locked with nuts instead of being welded. If you instead prefer standard disc screens, we will of course also provide that solution.

Develop together with us!

There are plenty of traditional machine components which could be equipped with replaceable wear parts in order to increase efficiency and safety during maintenance. If you have such a component in mind, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to assist with our knowledge and experience.


Thanks to our modern and efficient workshop, we can also help you with lathe turning and milling of all kinds of products. The work is carried out in CNC-controlled machines and our operators are very experienced when it comes to machining both small and large details – no matter the quantity and always with the highest precision!

Increased efficiency

• Maximized production time.
• Reduced personnel costs.
• No change in alignment.
• No lifting devices.
• No fire look-out.

Improved safety

• Fire risk eliminated.
• Improved ergonomics.
• Reduced risk of crushing and falling objects.

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