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Patented sprocket.

Nordic Quick Systems supplies sprockets to a high degree of precision. All sprockets are produced to order and adapted to customer requirements. With rotatable and replaceable wear parts, we can replace all types of chain drive.

Wear indicator.

All our sprockets are supplied with wear indicators. One wear part for each sprocket is provided with markings on its sides. When the wear reaches these markings, the wear parts should be rotated or replaced to avoid the risk of breakdown. (The wear indicator is not provided in the USA, Canada or Japan.)

Increased efficiency.

• Maximized production time.
• Reduced personnel costs.
• No change in alignment.
• No lifting devices.
• No fire look-out.

Improved safety.

• Fire risk eliminated.
• Improved ergonomics.
• Reduced risk of crushing and falling objects.

Product specification

    Type of sprocket

    Conveyor sprockets, roller sprockets, drive drums, flat tail sprockets, etc. The sprocket body is supplied split as standard, but solid bodies can also be produced. The sprockets may be equipped with a bearing-mounted hub or tensioning element, upon request.


    Nordic Quick Systems manufactures sprockets in all sizes, irrespective of diameter, size and hub.

    Type of chain

    We can supply sprockets for most types of chain.


    The sprocket body is mostly produced from standard structural steel, S355J.The wear parts are produced primarily from wear plate with a nominal hardness of 400-500 HBW, or alternatively from engineering plastic. All choices of material are adapted to customer requirements.


    The wear parts and sprocket halves are secured with Nord-Lock washers (except plastic wear parts) and 12.9 bolts.


    The contour of the wear parts holds a high degree of precision to ensure a low-impact chain drive.


    All split sprocket bodies are equipped with supporting bosses between the sprocket halves, ensuring an optimum split. To eliminate the risk of abrasion, the sprocket body is always slightly narrower than its wear parts.

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