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Our story

We innovate!

It all started with an idea about simplifying industry. Replacing an entire sprockets just because the teeth were worn seemed to be a total waste of resources. The result was the start of Nordic Quick Systems.

Since 2015, we have been developing sprockets with segments that can be rotated and replaced. With our solution, mechanical maintenance can be performed with both chain and sprocket in place in the conveyor. Shorter maintenance shutdowns, higher profitability and improved safety for the personnel are just some of the gains.

Our products are developed in northern Sweden, a region strongly identified with high-end heavy industry. The aim is that our patented sprocket should become a new industry standard that delivers increased efficiency to industry. Not just in Sweden, but throughout the world.

What we do

Nordic Quick Systems makes your maintenance more efficient by offering smart solutions with replaceable wear parts.


Do you need a custom made sprocket? Want to know more about Nordic Quick Systems? Get in touch!