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Feed rollers

Innovative feed rollers

To carry out maintenance on feed rollers is often time-consuming and hazardous for the staff – partly beacause they are heavy and bulky, partly because they tend to be mounted in spaces which are difficult to access. Nordic Quick Systems offert two different types of wear parts and they are both compatible with the same body.

We can deliver laserwelded hard metal ridges, which are extremely wear resistant or lamella wear parts in through-hardened steel, which generates a more aggressive profile. The dimensions are always adapted to the customers’ need.

The advantages with our unique solution are:

– Maximum utilization of materials

– Safer and more ergonomic handling of the feed rollers during maintenance

– You can easily change the profile and/or material in the wear parts

– Reduced space requirements on storage

– Increased production efficiency

In addition to the above, we also manufacture standard feed rollers, as well as two-piece feed rollers, for positions that are easier to maintain.