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Our new colleague – Ravi Kappel

We now have the great honor to welcome our newest team member, Ravi Kappel, who’ll carry the responsibility as our Global Sales Manager.

– We’re starting to get a hold of how the Swedish market operates and we’ve also made our first exports. Hence, we feel that we’re in the right stage to welcome Ravi, who’ll take lead of our international sales, says Sammy Pergament, CMO at Nordic Quick Systems.

Ravi has previously held leading product and sales positions at Nordkalk, Kuusakoski Recyling, Santasalo Gears and Sumitomo Drive Technologies. Nordic Quick Systems is targeting industries such as pulp and paper, steal and energy, which Ravi has plenty of experience from.

– I’ve had my eyes on Nordic Quick Systems for a long time and became very happy when I saw that the company was looking for a Global Sales Manager. Nordic Quick Systems’ product is easy to understand and creates plenty of value for the customers. I hope to contribute with my genuine tech interest and deep understanding of the industry, says Ravi Kappel.